Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowe INDYK-MAZURY Sp. z o.o. located in Ostróda is one of the largest producers of turkey meat on the Polish market. For several years we have been purchasing, slaughtering, cutting and distributing of turkey meat. Recently we have also engaged ourselves in turkey meat processing and packaging. Our new products on the market include cans which are produced in 100% from turkey meat and fixed weight products packed on trays, e.g. breast schnitzels, stews and minced meat.

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Our location allows us to take advantage of the unique ecological conditions of the area and of many years of excellent experience of our suppliers – turkey livestock producers. The year 2013 was a sad chapter in the company's history, when as a result of fire, 80% of the plant was destroyed. It was not earlier than in January 2015 when we were able to restart production, but in a completely new plant with a total production area of over 7000 m2, of which the lower parts hold departments of slaughter, cutting, cold store and fresh meat storage places whilst the first floor has been dedicated for processed goods production, where currently the lines for minced meat, stews and steaks production along with the packing lines are operating.

Equipped with modern automated lines for slaughtering, cutting and the most importantly, adequate cooling of the product throughout the production process we obtain quality that is appreciated by both Polish and foreign customers. Constant improvement of technology and product quality is the mission of the owner of the company and the entire staff.

To meet customer expectations, the company decided to implement European standards of quality and now we are in possession of the certificates of HACCP, ISO 22000, IFS, BRC and HALAL.

The whole cycle of meat production - from purchase to dispatch of finished products - is subject to constant veterinary supervision. This supervision and qualifications of our staff in number of over 200 people guarantee the full safety of food produced in our company.

At the same time we remain open to greater dialogue, both with large purchasers of meat, as well as with final consumers about the individualized requirements and supplies.

Please feel welcome to visit our company' stores and patronized retail outlets - we ensure that you will not regret!

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Skrzydełka z indyka


Na cały asortyment składają się 23 elementy indycze, w skład których wchodzą tusza, szyja, filet, skrzydła, podudzie.

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Posiadamy trzy sklepy firmowe oraz jeden patronacki w Ostródzie. Zachęcamy do skorzystania z szerokiego asortymentu.

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Naszą działalność produkcyjną opieramy częściowo o własne fermy tuczu, ale większą część żywca pozyskujemy od dostawców - hodowców.